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3 months ago

Why laundry services are so beneficial !

The current lifestyle is such that we hardly get the time to perform household chores. Whatever time we get we either relax or are too lethargic to clean our clothes. In this scenario professional Huntington Beach dry cleaning play a significant role as they help to clean your clothes and deliver them at your residence and that too within the stipulated period. These services are quite prompt and are quite affordable and hence convenient in the long run. Some of the major benefits of dry cleaning services include:

•    Time Saver: as we are caught in the web of our professional world we hardly get sufficient time to do laundry. In fact we don’t have the time to spend hours in the laundramat and hence Fountain Valley Laundromat services are apt. When we opt for this service we are actually saving a lot of time that can be utilized in performing other household chores. And as these service providers deliver the washed clothes at one’s place you don’t have to spend time travelling to the laundry in order to pick up your clothes as well.

•    Long Beach commercial laundry is a sought after service as they help to remove tough stains. If you spill coffee or tea on your shirt you know very well that your shirt is completely ruined. In fact chocolates stains are the most painful as they refuse to get washed away. But when you are opting for dry cleaning services you can be rest assured that you will get back clean clothes because they use different types of detergents and stain removal in order to get rid of the stain. And while cleaning the stain they will make sure that your clothes do not get damaged or that the colors start running from your dress.

•    Convenience: the most important factor that one simply cannot overlook is that these service providers have made our life a lot more convenient. A stay at home mother who has to look after three four kids knows very well that managing kids is no less than stepping out and working in an office. For them dry cleaning services is a boon. Kids tend to get their clothes dirty very often and it is difficult to prevent this from happening. But that does not mean that you will spend half the day cleaning clothes. It is here that laundry service makes all the difference.

The best part about these service providers is that most of them have an online presence. So you can easily check out their site to find out what are the kind of services offered by them and what are the rates charged for different cleaning procedures. Laundry services are not something new and have been there for quite a long time. However with the kind of hectic life that we live these service providers have become more prevalent.

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5 months ago

Dry Cleaner Secrets Unveiled- Professional Dry Cleaning Options

Many people have a problem with the price tag on professional dry cleaning. This fact alone has led many to look for something different, less costly methods such as home dry cleaning treatments. While they offer a cheaper option to professional dried up cleaning, many stay sceptical about how effective they really are.

The Process

Irrespective of the name, Huntington Beach dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene to remove soils and stains from cloth. With the ability to dissolve oils and greases and prevents shrinkage, lack of colour, and fabric distortion. The process commences with the pre-treatment of stains and spots using special cleaning agents. The garments are loaded into a machine and washed with perchloroethylene then pressed and packaged.

Two types of home dry cleaning products are present with a dryer bad (i.e. Dryel) and without a dryer bag (i.e. Dry Cleaner's secret). Both procedures start with getting rid of spots with the provided spot remover before either putting the apparel into either the clothes dryer bag or straight into the dryer combined with the cleaning cloth after fluff and fold, depending on product. When the garments come out from the dryer they are wrinkle-free and typically need no other treatment.

Drawbacks and benefits

Professional Fountain Valley Laundromat has obvious benefits, apparent disadvantages, and less clear drawbacks that need to be taken to light.

If you bring your clothes to a specialist dry cleaner, you may expect little or nothing very poor typically. Your clothes will likely be clean and stain-free, and everything the wrinkles pressed out. The complete process is more in depth and specific than the choice at-home dried out cleaning methods. You get what you purchase. Talking about that, the price tag on professional dried out cleaning is a major disadvantage. It's expensive, with prices ranging from four dollars to over twenty dollars nearly, depending on size of the garment, the cloth and the amount of treatment needed.

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7 months ago

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing Professional Linen Services

Most of the bigger business entities and amenities that deal with linen on a regular basis turn to the utilization of a professional linen service in order to get those items cleaned, pressed and ready for utilization. Nonetheless, a laundry service is not always the best choice, just like hiring people to launder the linens, for some companies, is also ineffective.

On the positive side, linen services save the manpower and establishment time. Instead of going through the procedure of hiring housekeeping staff to handle the linens for a nursing home, hotel or hospital, the administration time may be better spent managing the other aspects of the amenity. There is no fast staff turnover in the laundry department, either, as linens are just picked up and dropped on a daily basis.

The requirement for fewer staff members might make the hiring of linen services more cost-efficient for large business entities and health care amenities, but services are basically less reasonable for smaller establishments. A dinner in the small town may be charged more on order to have the restaurant linens picked up and dropped off regularly to the Costa Mesa Laundromat, and the owner of the family owned restaurant will possibly find it cheaper to just take the tablecloths and napkins home.

Delivery time is also a factor to be considered while debating whether or not you should hire a linen service for wash dry fold. Big cities will have a speedier turnaround rate of clean linens than smaller areas where only a person or single business may offer linen service. In any situation, a business hiring linen service takes a chance of not having the items ready for utilization when they are required. When sanitary linens and clean are required, this can create a huge issue which is avoided by hiring laundry service to do the work in-house.

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9 months ago

Commercial Linen Service and Tablecloths

949 Laundry provide commercial service businesses including hotels, restaurants, spas, hair and nail salons, churches, medical/dental practices, and fitness clubs all at competitive prices.

We service corporate businesses for employee concierge laundry and dry cleaning.

Try our service free of charge (20lbs) and without obligation.

Pickup and delivery.

Discounting available on volume.

Invoicing available.

Get in touch with us below

Website :-

Phone: (949) 528-6379 (LAUNDRY)

Fax: (714) 418-5555

11 months ago

Look good in new and fresh looking old clothes

In today’s busy world when all of us are in a rat race, doing household chores are an extra headache. However, we cannot leave the house hold chores undone also. They are a must in our daily life. For instance, laundry is such a task which we cannot do without. Dirty laundries littering around make our home look so untidy. Sometimes it gives a moist smell also. You cannot think of wearing dirty clothes and you have to wash them.


To make the lives of busy people easier, there are several laundry services available today. Most of the laundry services have their online presence as well so that potential customers can take their services. When you are searching for the best ironing and laundry companies, the online world comprises majority of them to search the best one from that would be beneficial for you as well. Los Angeles fluff n fold is very popular.


You should always try to search the company that is fully trustable, dependable and about which, you have already heard through numerous references. There are certain things that should be considered including the fact how long it is in this field of business. You should also be sure of the higher professional level of the staff along with conforming the distance between the laundry company and your home. They will also perform the ironing and dry cleaning of your clothes before returning the cleaned clothes on any particular date and time that is promised and convenient to you as well. A growing number of people is opting for Huntington Beach dry cleaning.


Some companies need payment during the collection time or when they are returning the items. The payment mode can include cash, cheque and credit or debit cards. If you will select a well known Costa Mesa Laundromat, it will ease your problems to think what you should wear and it will bring about the professional touch for making your look radiant and confident.


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1 year ago

The Trend Linen Services of: Pros and Cons of the service

The Laundromat and linen services has gained a lot of importance in today’s fast – paced world lately - the simple reason behind it being the tight and hectic schedules of people who are unable to chalk out time for cleaning their clothes, blankets and other household items owing to other professional commitments. Hence, a natural human tendency is about having somebody else to do the same! After all, at the end of the day every person wants to look good and presentable at social gatherings. Who would want to go like one person being the butt of all jokes by looking shabby?!  To each man his own, there are several laundry services that specialize in this business. Some of the most dependable and reliable ones being:


1.    Wash Dry Fold – The Linen and Laundromat services shall not only cleanse the necessary items and clothes but also wash and dry fold them to give them the typical “crisp and fresh “look. The starch process shall make the clothes and blankets look as good as new. What a brilliant concept!


2.    Los Angeles Fluff n Fold - The latest in the line of such laundry services is the concept of Fluff and Fold. This concept is based on the steam – drying of the water content after the wash so as to ensure no residue leftovers. After the process, when the final washed product is delivered to the customer it looks all good and ironed and maybe worn to office meetings or parties without one having to put in any effort. Time is saved by paying just the right amount of money for this service and one really doesn’t have to bother much!


So, what is the wait for? Go and check out for the best laundry services in town! Go through the details about the cost and genuineness of the services. Also, one must also find out about hygienic conditions and environment of cleaning so that regretting doesn’t remain an option! So, go in for this awesome idea and spend your holidays in absolute bliss.  As it is, ultimately you deserve your “me” time after such a hectic week. RIGHT!


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2 years ago

How to make the most of dry cleaning services!

In today’s world if you want to rise up and shine then you need to have the required skill and expertise. But that is not enough; you need to look presentable so as to make the right impression. Imagine that you are called for an interview on the basis of your impressive resume but the moment you step in to the interview room, the interviewer is completely disappointed by your look. No one wants to hire a person who is ill kempt and wears unwashed clothes that are not ironed as well. So what you need is properly ironed clothes that are washed and have Los Angeles Fluff n Fold.


There are many service providers who offer Huntington Beach Dry Cleaning at affordable rates. However it is better if you browse through the services offered by the different companies in order to find who is offering what. Make sure that they will deliver the clothes within the stipulated period so that you can be rest assured that you will have your washed and ironed clothes before you join office after the weekend.


The best part about Fountain Valley Laundromat is that the professionals are skilled enough in the different methods of cleaning and as such you can be rest assured that you cotton clothes, woollens, silk and satin apparels are cleaned with the right detergents in the right technique. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the different service providers today only. No one appreciates a person who is not presentable and looks dirty and unclean. So go ahead and make sure that you look clean and fresh every time you step out of your house. So make the most of these services. After all you have every right to look good and feel good.

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